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I obtained my Ph.D. at the Faculty of Informatics, Universita' della Svizzera italiana (University of Lugano) with a dissertation titled "Self-adaptivity of Applications on Network on Chip Multiprocessors: The Case of Fault-tolerant Kahn Process Networks", while working at ALaRI as a research assistant under the supervision of Prof. Mariagiovanna Sami from Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy. I received my Master of Science degree in embedded systems design also from ALaRI (in collaboration with ETH Zurich and Politecnico di Milano). Prior to that, I have studied at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey.


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Room:162 (Main Building)
ALaRI, University of Lugano, Via G. Buffi 13
Lugano , 6904 Switzerland
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