Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer's personal itch.
– Eric S. Raymond

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Bebop - BibTeX Publisher

This is a useful tool which provides a nice web interface to a list of publications stored in a BibTeX file. It is currently being used at ALaRI institute's publication page. It is also usable by anyone who keeps the list of their publications in BibTeX form.


Bondus is a status publisher and tracker program. It bonds people together by informing each other on their current status. It adopts the publishing/subscribing idea that is used in technologies such as RSS and Calendar sharing. The need for Bondus arose from our busy program manager Umberto Bondi, who has also turned out to be the inspiration for its name.

CfP Tracker

This is another useful tool which allows ALaRI staff to add relevant 'Call for Paper' announcements and displays them in a web page. Announcements are also available as RSS feed.


This is a genetic algorithm library that I wrote to do architectural design space exploration for the Computer Architectures course during my master studies.

j4bib - a BibTeX parser for Java

j4bib is a BibTeX parser written in Java using JLex and CUP. It provides a set of classes representing document object model of BibTeX. Conversion from/to BibTeX files to/from other formats is made possible and easy. Bebop uses j4bib to convert BibTeX files into XML format. j4bib is developed in collaboration with Kuntal Roy and is hosted at


  • maponoc (Reliable mapping of KPN applications on Networks-on-Chip based platforms)

Remote-controlled Lego Tank

I've been present in several presentations to high school students of Ticino and talked about how interesting engineering is. For that purpose, I developed a Lego Mindstorms application. It's composed of two Java programs that run on the robot and the PC.

Reporting in Java

This is a tutorial titled Reporting in Java using JasperReports, iReport and JFreeChart that I wrote in 2004 while I was working part-time as a Java developer.



  • schencon (Schedulers for energy consumption in Smart Grids)

ssg++ (sozluk shell)

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